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1st Lecture - 13th April 2015 (BRIGFOS):

Jason Hallett (London, UK): "Low-cost ionic liquids for lignocellulose deconstruction"


2nd Lecture - 3rd February 2016 (BRAGFOST):

Mehtap Özaslan (Oldenburg, Germany): Nano-structured Pt-based Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction


3rd Lecture - 9th December 2016 (BRAGFOST):

Bráulio Silva Barros (Recife, Brazil): Sorption-Enhanced Steam Methane Reforming Over Calcium-Based Materials


4th Lecture - 13th February 2017 (BRAGFOST):

Paulo Suarez (Brasília, Brazil): Nanoparticles for fats and oils processing into materials and fuels


5th Lecture - June 2017 (BRAGFOST):

Robin White (Freiburg, Germany): t.b.a.