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Current Research

In our interdisciplinary research encompassing molecular and nanoscale catalysis for sustainable and environmental benign chemistry we aim:

  • the dehydrogenation and hydrogenation as synthetic tools and for hydrogen storage systems (HSS). In particular, the direct functionalisation of alcohols. This includes also the synthesis of novel hydrogen storage materials (HSM).
  • The projects will develop catalysts-systems for the everlasting challenges, respectively “holy-grails” of modern catalysis research since the early 20th century: the activation of strong bonds and small molecules as targets to make them feasible for synthesis and for 21st-century HSM.
  • As tools for these applications we will focus on the synthesis of novel metal complexes with pincer-ligands and supported metal nanoparticles.
  • Our studies will include mechanistic aspects of the catalytical processes to provide a better understanding and consequently design optimised catalysts. All synthetic aspects will focus on the development of sustainable methods with high atom-economy and selectivity to avoid waste production and by-products.